Brett & Lori - Williston

We called Heart Wildlife Removal when we had a squirrel fall down our chimney and didn't know what to do. As usual, animals do not follow a 9-5 business schedule and Patty was kind, concerned, and caring enough to return our after-hours call. She calmed our nerves and walked us through how to get the squirrel safely out of the chimney...and it worked! By the next morning we were able to release a very happy squirrel back into nature. We thank you very much, Patty!

A licensed wildlife rehabilitator, JoAnn is a great resource for organizations looking to educate staff or students on wildlife issues. She speaks at overnight and day camps, libraries, Humane Societies, schools and anywhere people are interested in wildlife! 

Some tips included are: 

- What song to sing if you come upon a skunk to reduce the chance of getting sprayed!

- What to do if you see a turtle crossing the road.

- What to do if you find a baby bird at the bottom of a tree.

- What to do if you find an 'orphaned' bunny.

Safety issues: 
- What to do if a bat is found where someone was sleeping.
- What is a rabies vector and what are the signs of illness. (Informative, not alarming!)

Book a talk now for the summer, as that is our busy season and slots are limited! 

A lot of people we can help over the phone and JoAnn doesn't even need to come to your property! We like HEART-warming endings, even if we don't get to meet you in person! Thank you for calling, Brett & Lori! 


If we cannot help you solve your issue over the phone, we will come to your home to consult with you. Often JoAnn can tell by looking at tracks and the nest or den who is making their home in your home or business. She will then suggest what needs to be done. If you are a DIY type, she'll coach you on what you need to do. If not, she will take care of the issue for you!

Flood lights 

Wildlife is also looking for a dark place to rest... put a floodlight in an attic or under a porch and it will encourage your unwanted furry tenants to move out!

More tips coming soon!



Mary - Williston

Somehow a squirrel got into our house and I needed help to get it outdoors again. When I googled "wildlife removal," devices ranging from Rambo-style to Pollyanna popped up. Heart Wildlife Removal popped to the front because the description was the right balance of purpose and kindness. Indeed: when JoAnn made her visit her thoroughness and knowledge came across. And her respectful and good-natured manner made me feel comfortable as she went through our house opening closets and cupboards. She saw places that surprised me -- places where wild critters could gain entry. She figured out how to liberate the squirrel. And I received the bonus of how to critter-proof our house and garage. It was a fun and pleasant experience. I highly recommend Heart Wildlife Removal.

Our tips

Wildlife services for homes, businesses & non-profits


Talk radio 

Wildlife is looking for a quiet place to sleep... play a talk radio 24/7 and there's a good chance your furry friends will move elsewhere!

Animal Control Services for municipalities


Educational talks for camps, libraries and non-profits

How about some more testimonials? 

​Tip 2 & 3 - use caution to avoid creating a fire hazard!

(Scroll down for more tips!) 


Don't inadvertently attract wildlife by leaving garbage available for furry treasure seekers!

Preventive assessments and on-going property maintenance

We provide wildlife assessments of a property to identify possible vulnerable areas before an issue arises! (It's money and time well spent when you consider the cost of dealing with wildlife once they have made a home in your home or business!) We also provide property maintenance contracts, to deal with issues as they arise! (Removing raccoons from dumpsters and capturing a bat inside!) We help landlords and camps keep tenants and campers safe! 

​Heart Wildlife Removal is proud to serve as the Animal Control Officer in the South Burlington Police Department. We are fully insured and have a dedicated van to respond to nuisance and wildlife issues that are reported to the police department. As JoAnn has over 30 years’ experience with animals, including investigating animal cruelty and neglect, and also has experience working as a correctional officer, she is well-qualified to support the police department in serving the community. While HEART Wildlife Removal's role as ACO helps give officers more time to focus on their core duties, most officers appreciate having JoAnn's experience at their disposal. We would welcome the opportunity to serve more municipalities, as a regional ACO could better serve Chittenden County residents. 

Removals & Evictions

If wildlife has made their home in your home or business, we will help you humanely evict them! Depending on the situation, we will use one-way doors, so an animal exits and then cannot get back in, and wildlife cameras, so we can be sure everyone is out before you get a carpenter to close off the entry point! ​​